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"The Fuel's on the Hill"  was one of Hot Mont's most poignant albums -released during the time when standing in gas lines was a daily occurrence. His title cut from this album still stands as a masterpiece of irony and angst.
Audio Sampler:
The Fuel's On The Hill

Long before Brian Setzer or Cherry Poppin' Daddies even thought about doing a "big band" album , "Hot Mont & the Cool Cats" was on the right track. This critically acclaimed release let the public know that Hot Mont could not be pigeon-holed into any one style.
When the bi-centenial came in 1976,  Hot Mont was already finished with his patriotic songs album "Mont Rushmore"  Although not his biggest seller, this album really demonstrated to the world that Hot Mont had some very unusual political and social beliefs for his time and his age group.

"Hot Ta-Mont-Le"  was Hot Mont's tribute to Reggae and Salsa music.. decades before the rest of America caught on! A bootleg of this album is selling like hot & cakes  in South America...read the "Latin American Resurgence" article for more! Audio sampler:
Hot Ta-Mont-Le
Hot Mont's love of German brews and "kartuffel salat" lead him to Germany,  where he met Kraftwerk collaborators & recorded a ground-breaking techno album called "Perpetual Intro". This was never released in the states, and only recently was an original acetate discovered.
Hot N' Pappy: A limited local release. This record was  a lighthearted romp through  bluegrass standards re-arranged specifically to feature Hot Mont on electric cowbell & Pappy  (a moonlighting t.v. newscaster) on the fiddle.
Another rare limited local release just dicovered in 2008: Hot's tribute to surf music, with a Great Lakes twist. See audio sampler above

Many people  have an interest  in finding out anything that they can about 70's rock legend Hot Mont. As a fledgling young touring musician, I  was called into a studio in Macon, Ga.  in 1977 to overdub cowbell and other percussion on what might have been the last Hot Mont album. No one ever got a copy of the songs &  I have never actually heard the album, so who knows?  But it was my first "realistic" recording session. Did this really happen? Was this a dream? If you recall anything about this alleged "last album"  or know anything about Hot Mont , let's hear  your war stories!!!
This legendary midwest political-rocker seems to have vanished from everyone's radar screen!! This is a real-lifelike "Eddie & The Cruisers" story waiting to unfold!!!
Hot Mont Society 2000 writers & investigators will now take over this section of the website!
Find out what people are saying about Hot Mont
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:12-24-10: Mont's old investment Shattco Industries declares bankruptcy ... a new "investor" has purchased the entire Shattco catalog. "Soapy Duck Sales" is taking over! ...view promo spot here!  You'll now be able to purchase those hard to find products again:  everything from snout grout, butt putty and pet-i-files to lunar panels and trailer mix!
 Mont could stir up some controversy and emotions with his biting commentaries about the world arena .



Mont's main premise in his first book "War is Good" was aimed at keeping the American economy rolling the best & most innovative way it's ever rolled:  with  America involved in  major conflicts throughout the world to bolster our economy and promote technological advances. This book was a catalyst for Mont's recording of the patriotic "Mont Rushmore" album.

"One World Dis-Order" was Mont's second foray into politically charged writing...and seems almost prophetic in light of today's "global village" mentality. This was also the first time he used the pen name "Montifold P. Hotenpantz".  These lofty observations only served to exacerbate the already outraged left wing reaction to "War is Good". If you can find a copy of this at a used book store or a yard sale, check out the chapter on Mont's solution to our country's problems: Just elect him as "the first benevolent dictator of the U.S".


To The Moon, Aliens: A controversial book that caused quite a stir...until it was mysteriously pulled from the shelves. "Aliens" was the subject of several scathing dissertations on legendary talk-prototype  WHYP Radio. Today, the few tattered copies that remain seem tame, but, back in the day...it was very polarizing.



"The Dream": This new Shattco Books release is a great study on Hot Mont's early writings by two of his most knowledgeable understudies: Malcolm Drie and Bill Del Rumple. Click here for  the original document that kick started this ambitious undertaking.



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2-10-05: Hot Mont produced recordings for a ground-breaking country artist in 1998!  His   Nashville  "reverse hip-hop" productions are now uncovered.
4-14-05: That 'nefarious imposter' B. B Dogg (who lead the Hot Mont Arctic Circle Tour in 2001) is reportedly working on a hot new cd....Check it out here!
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2-3-06: Legendary Hot Mont horn section "The Bones of Contention" are back in blatt!
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4-26-08: Another rare album release from Hot is found: Surf Music for the Great Lakes!
9-20-09: Hip-Hop country re-emerges as Red Bovine re-releases cd...watch "Bowin' Up on Hip-Hop" promo video here!
12-24-10: Shattco goes bankrupt... new company Soapy Duck Sales takes over...see the tv spot here!
9-8-11: Red Bovine continues his great musical rebirth  with "Somebody's Losin' A Trailer" music video
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7-1-15: The Fuel's On The Hill Video: 2015

             2011: Shattco/Soapy Duck tv promo spot
 Hot Mont...A Man with a Message :
 (A Primer for Beginning Your Hot Mont Studies)
reprinted with permission from Rolling Rock Magazine issue # 27   9/9/93 by S. Mackeson
(This article summarizes Hot Mont's  music & philosophy as well as any  writings )

It was the late sixties. Life was in turmoil. The war... hippies... sit-ins... society starting to rot. Make love...not war. The beginning of the "ME" generation. Oh yeah... the shit looked good...you know... "peace, man"...but behind it all the 'what's in it for ME" people began to flourish. Hot Mont cut though all that crap.    
War keeps the economy churning. So let us be what we are...war mongers...purveyors of death and destruction... Every person is expendable... Let's control that petroleum... and let's kick some ass to do it. With war we get to pump more petrol,  shape more steel,  design bigger and better weaponry... all this keeps the people working creating economic boons for all.
In the early seventies, the "ME" people wanted the cake and to eat it as well (peace AND prosperity). The "ME" people continued to cry that the war was unjust and lacked purpose. The idiotic masses succeeded in getting the war shut down,  &  just as Hot Mont predicted in his lyrics, inflation skyrocketed, unemployment reached highest levels since The Great Depression.
 Once again the "ME" people cried "What's in it for ME". The government decided there had to be something done to "help" the "ME" people. Therefore, the taxation increased to create a larger welfare state, driving increasingly more people to the brink of destruction.
Here is where the story ends or, if you prefer, it begins. Hot Mont disappears from the face of the earth sometime in 1977, taking with him the "sounds of prosperity" (as he called his musical genre). This music was the social commentary that really told it like it was and described what Mont would have done to preserve the prosperity. Most people loved the music but ignored the message.
Everyone who loved to listen and dance to the diversified sounds of  Hot Mont did not capture the concepts being delivered in the profound and prophetic lyrics. Hot Mont's utopia was never to be again and he knew it. The "Beav" had died.
After nearly a fifteen-year search, the last recording studio where Mont recorded was found. There had been an attempt to bomb the building about the same time, apparently.  Hot (as he was affectionately referred to) disappeared. Unfortunately, engineers were only able to salvage a few tapes from all the masters that were found. A new process is being  used to hopefully recover some of the music from the decaying mess that was found in what was once one of the most advanced underground studios in the nation.   There are one or two songs from each of his four most well known albums plus a couple of cuts from an unreleased work-in-progress. As for restoring the album graphics (which were phenomenal for that time) volunteer graphics artists have  regenerated them from fragments of the covers found in the rubble.
Another astonishing discovery was the fact that of all the people that were interviewed, not one still had or even knew what happened to their collected materials from Hot Mont. Some people had extensive collections of vinyl and knew that they had at one time owned a full collection of Hot Mont but the collections had somehow mysteriously disappeared.
With all the time that has been spent researching this lost moment in our lives, all the clues point to the fact that Hot Mont is still out there, hiding somewhere in the corporate world (probably wearing a gray suit and black wing-tipped shoes).

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