Malcolm Drie
By Malcolm Drie …Rolling Rock Magazine     11/4/00

   It's election eve 2000 and we are wondering if Hot Mont is out there analyzing this election.
We gleaned through his writings to see if anything we have will give us an inkling as to Hot's perceptions. His strongest statement for this time seems to give us the burning impression that he thought that this millennium election, no matter how it went, was going to be the beginning of the end.
   His writings perfectly described the fiasco of the Clinton Presidency and using that as a hallmark for his predictions, we believe we are looking at (using Mont's words) "The Beginning of the Fall of the Holier Than Thou Empire". He made several references to the attitudes the oral minority of the country developed during the Vietnam Conflict. It was (in his opinion) the take over without firing a shot that Nikita Khrushchev blatantly guaranteed in 1961 at a United Nations meeting. Paraphrasing one of Mont's lines (circa early 1975):
   "What we do to ourselves today is more insidious than any modern people in the world, we go against our natural tendencies in all aspects of life."

Mont addresses a
televised political rally
   Twenty-five years ago he, of course, was speaking about our natural tendency of being aggressive warring creatures, but it could be applied to so many facets of life today. His dispassion for the peace and love crowd would really come to fruition today, when the anti-establishment of yesterday is now the embedded establishment of today. But then again he realized this (excerpt taken from a notebook hand written by Mont), "These worms that have affected our way of life so effectively will one day be in charge. They are smart enough to realize the changes have to be made from within the system. And even though they talk about making the world better, they are no different than the old warlords who they despise. Mark my words, within twenty years these people will be in charge and their methods will become as corrupt as the old guard is now and they will fight harder than ever to maintain their status quo, even if it eliminates our society. Personally I would rather go down fighting than waste away from moral bankruptcy or being done in by morally bankrupt in the future."
   As I read some of Hot Mont's writing, I wonder if these are truly inspired prognostications or if they are obvious ranting of a madman. Either way they seem to be ringing true, let's hope we find the rest so we can better determine the answer to this question. Maybe he intended for things to work out this way, hooking us …then letting us suffer the minimal knowledge while we hunt for his answers, if they ever really existed.                                                            by Malcolm Drie