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Hot Mont and band on Arctic Circle Tour , Shattco , Perpetual Intro: German techno album , "Dr DuFwinque is a Quack" and more
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"This (the Hot Ta-Mont-Le) album is destined to be Mont's biggest seller yet. We are totally behind this album!"

-Les "Sniff" Brown / Sniff Brown Records 1975

"Move over Tito, step back Carlos, make way Sergio 'cuz El Monte Caliente is comin' on strong with his own flavor of Latin music!"

-Bill Baulgruber  
WRST -TV / Tidioute, Pa.

"The "HOT TA-MONT-LE" soundtrack is extremely exciting... if anyone finds it, it should well prove Hot is at the avant-garde of this genre (as well as many others). To me the sound is as if Sergio Mendez had dived head first in to a stream of Deep Purple... an excellent blend of sounds to capture a new interest in the ever-changing fickleness of the 70's music..."
-Malcolm Drie / Rolling Rock Magazine

"...'Mind boggling' is the only description for this latest incarnation of the ever-re-inventing Hot Mont. First he's a Dylan-esque rocker, then a "big band" he's the 'king of Salsa music'! And this stuff is totally legitimate, with every bit as much energy and authenticity as the first Santana albums. A great combination of true Latin music fused with heavy American/British rock. Although he's not the first to do this particular fusion of styles, he's still throwing us older fans another curve ball on this ! Beautiful!"
-Cal Worthing / Rock EaterMag 1975

"I put on this latest piece of vinyl by the Hot One with a bit of apprehension. After the last fiasco with the big band era "Cool Cats", I didn't feel like sitting through more "stylized" formula-ridden music . Obviously, I didn't care for the that album. Was this to be more nostalgia crap? No Way, Jose! This album rocks. From the opening bell, it's back to the rockin' we all love Hot for. Blend in Uriah Heep, Santana, Deep Purple,  maybe just a little Antonio Carlos Jobim & that's what you'll get here. Welcome back to the rock world, Hot!"

-Tab Wenderson

by Bill Del Rumple / 7-31-01
 Is this a picture of four prospecters from the north of Canada? Look more closely & you will recognize the original Hot Mont band member line-up from the seventies! But what are these guys doing in Whitehorse,Yukon? Read on to find out.
After receiving this e-mail report from one of our magazine's contributers C.P. Roth, esq. who is vacationing in the Yukon, I decided to investigate:
"Okay, kids, here's the scoop!! Mont's original lineup appeared Thursday night at a small eskimo bar near Moosejaw, that's in Canada by the way. Pictures from this & other shows have been smuggled out of the Great White North & will appear on webpages within a short trime. Mont has stated in interviews that he is doing an "Arctic Circle Tour" this summer. The reason for all of this is that nobody knows who the hell he really is up here, & if all goes well...he may bring the band south. I'll tell ya boys & girls, these guys can still rock the casbah, er, igloo that is! Stay tuned for more" -C.P.
Astounding as it may seem, the original band line-up (minus the horn section) is actually touring in of all places..... Northern Canada! A tourist entertainment paper in Whitehorse, Yukon featured an extended interview with Mont last week. Here are excerpts:
YR: What brings you & your band way up here from the U.S?
HM: We figured that no one who remembered us would ever be here!
YR: I know of you from browsing the web. Are you in trouble with the law?
HM: No, not at all..we just wanted a place to get the band "tight" You said that you have never heard of us except on the web, but we had a huge cult following in several countries during the seventies. There has been an upwelling of interest in the band recently, so we figured it may be time to put it back together.
Slim Boggins: (guitarist): Let me add to that. Mont has been incognito for over two decades. Even the rest of us guys in the band didn't hear from him. This was the shock of a lifetime.
YR: So, you hadn't seen each other for more than twenty years? What have all of you been doing during that time?
Slim: Well, when Mont vanished in '77, I was pretty strung out on drugs. I'm clean now, by the way, have been for fifteen years. In those days, I loved a song by Frank Zappa called "Montana". It told about a guy leaving the rat race to raise up dental floss. So, that's what I tried. I moved out to Montana, bought some land & started raising dental floss. It didn't work out with the floss, but I still have a small ranch out there near Boseman.
Larry Laugerhead: (keyboardist) I've been working in retail shoe sales & playing music on the side since '77. I even played in a Hot Mont tribute band in Ohio for a while...pretty ironic for a founding member to do a tribute to his own band!
B. C. Whackerman: (drummer): When the band broke up, I had a tough decision: to stay with music or follow my family military/law enforcement traditions. I chose the latter & I've only started playing again this year. I love being back out here on the road again!
H.M.: Local & federal statutes may prohibit me from speaking of my past.(laughs)
YR: What happened to the horn section you all refer to?
H.M. I have never heard from them. You know, the definition of an optimist is a trombone player with a beeper. (laughs). Not a lot of call for four piece trombone sections these days.
YR: Any plans to record new material? And, on the same note, what's the story on this "greatest hits" collection being remastered from scraps of tape? Some guys in Pennsylvania are doing it?
H.M. As far as recording new stuff, we're not to that point yet. We've gotta decide if we're even gonna continue this touring down south when the cold hits in September. This tour is over in late August, it get's too cold for us ! As far as the guys in LaTrobe remastering my stuff, I have never met them, but let them go for it . Sniff Brown (Sniff Brown Records-Mont's label) is dead now, he's the only one who would try to stop them.
More excerpts from this interview next month.. gotta run -Bill Del Rumple/7-30-01

REE-DON-DELLO, formerly the leader of the Hawaiian Pineapples Rock Ensemble
 finally emerges from the depths of the South American jungle to grant this interview with Groovy Scene's Tab Wenderson.
G.S.: What have you been doing for the last twenty-plus years?
R.R I've been trying to keep my shit together. The failed tours in the seventies really freaked me out.
G.S : Lots of legit rock bands never have the opportunity to do a major tour, yet they don't retreat to the wilds of South America..  Why the extreme reaction to your unpopularity there ?
R.R : Once you've toured with Hot Mont (who is the pinnacle of all legitimate American pop culture to me) you'd understand how anything else seem superfluous and anticlimactic! After our rejection by the Latin audience here in South America, it was more than I could take. All we ever wanted was a little piece of Hoot Mont's audience & respect. We opened for him for  2 years in the states before coming here to do the Tamontle tour. To be rejected by the same people that adored Hot Mont was devastating to us as a band and even worse for me as the leader .
G.S. Keeping that rejection in mind, why would you retreat to the same place that had rejected you?
R.R Well, if you knew anything about the Don't Give Me No Shit Twins, you wouldn't have to ask. I'm one of those twins and it was no retreat!
G.S. I've heard rumors of this cult or whatever it is, but thought it was just hearsay.
R.R. Nope; we're the real McCoy! My brother & I can no more tolerate critical rejection by an entire continent than we could stand by and let someone pour out a perfectly good can of Pabst Blue Ribbon! Anything important like that is worth fighting for as a principle…you can't  waste great beer & you can't dislike my music, damn it! I had to come here to settle this at the source. It's in my blood not to give in to anyone, to fight till no one is left standing!
G.S: Including you?
R.R. Of course!
Here's a promo shot of the band in 1975 with Ree-Don-Dello wearing his trademark
 " pineapple hat"
G.S.: What was your biggest selling single?
R.R: That would have to be "Steel Jock Strap" from the "Hawaiian Pumice Rock" album. It was a song that played on bar room jukeboxes & helped us sell a few extra "Pumice" albums off the stage.
G.S.: To what do you attribute your dismal response by Latin American audiences ?
R.R : The timing mostly. Pineapple membership became as large as a 27 piece horn & string rock band, doing something that was revolutionary for the U.S. in the early seventies, but maybe it appeared just too strange to Latin American people. The fact that a lot of band members were not musicians may have come into play, as the actual music was a little rough. We've been compared to Captain Beefheart in several articles.
G.S: I'd compare you more to early Aqueous Digit or maybe even Mel Maas Psychedelic Combo…. but with the addition of incredibly bad horns & strings.
R.R. : Don't give me no shit!  
G.S.: Is it possible that The Pineapples didn't survive the Tamontle Tour because they were just too lousy?
R.R.: By god, now I'm startin' to bow up! You better watch yourself. There aren't many people who can outrun us D.G.M.N.S. Twins!
G.S.: I'm festered up to a fever-pitch myself. Step back, we're gonna rumble.
R.R: I'm just about to delve into your ass, don't piss me off any more!

At this point, a major round of fisticuffs erupted, bringing this interview to a halt,  and dashing any hope of any subsequent interviews with this strange character.  Listen to the Hawaiian Pineapples for yourself; I'm sure you'll agree they were the worst band ever to land a major opening act slot in history of rock'n roll. The first Pineapple album is available on vinyl or eight track only from    

Just when you thought that all of the Hot Mont writings & recordings must have already been unearthed, a discovery in a studio near Hamburg, Germany lends another life chapter to the
"Man of Mystery" : Perpetual Intro
This is a reproduction of an article from "El Petite Filipino Magazine" dated 4/13/02 & written by German correspondent Reinholt Burgermeister (obvious pen name). Some HMS2000 editing comments have been interjected. These comments appear in blue italics.
-Regelia Karaokan for HMS2000
Picture this scenario: In late 1976 or early 1977 Hot Mont is enlisted by a conservative group of American economists to travel to Germany to give a series of lectures at several prominent universities. The gist of these lectures is geared at trying to prevent a serious socialistic shift in the German national attitude. Hot Mont's Germanic heritage only increases his passion about this issue, and he agrees to go. (This much was already documented fact in America)
At a conference in Hannover, Hot Mont is approached by music producer Herman P. Wassell, who, it turns out is a huge fan of eclectic American rock (including our hero's music!). The two men also share a love of German brews and kartuffel salat (potato salad) & decide to go to a local biergarten to imbibe & talk.
After consuming multiple brews & prodigious amounts of potato salad, the idea of a possible collaboration on a Kraftwerk-esque album is conceived in what was reported as a dense fog of flatulence & beer burps.
Slicing through this all-encompassing haze, enter one Gilda Pilfner, one of  Hannover's premier synthesists as well as a hot looking chick! She's just the person to bring this crazy plan to fruition. After clearing the air a bit, the three unlikely partners decide to "cut" an album of what they term "synth-tech" music. This would be another groundbreaking style change for Mont, but is familiar territory to Wassel & Pilfner who had worked with several other notable European "electronic" bands over the preceding couple of years.
"Perpetual Intro" cover
After a few days of banging around ideas, time is booked at a studio just outside of Hamburg, and recording begins.
Legendary drummer & percussionist Curt Von Stuben is brought in to handle all of the rhythmic parts (except, of course, cowbell). But, in only a few short days, electronic legends Kraftwerk block book the same studio for 3 months straight. Mont & company are devastated by this turn of events, and relinquish the studio to the high-budget monoliths.
But before all appears lost, they find that engineer Helmut Smidge had run an acetate of some good working mixes of  songs that had been completed during the short session. (An acetate is a shellac test version of what would have later become the vinyl 12" record. They sound great the first time or two they're played, but quickly deteriorate as the needle chews up the soft recording surface.)
Back of LP cover artwork:
Song title translation :
Platter Pulsation
Wing Tipped Wizard
Water Dripping
One Long Groove
This brings us to today: April 2002. Guess what? Seems that someone has turned up that very acetate  along with some of the cover graphics for the intended release 'Perpetual Intro'.  The acetate is apparently in fairly good condition. Obviously, it can't be played until right at the moment that it is transferred to 24 bit digital audio. It must happen on that first pass, or the quality may degrade too much.

Just when you thought it was all out in the open, another amazing development like this occurs! The acetate has been sent to a lab in Pennsylvania for transfer. I'll be keeping tabs on the progress & reporting any new news.

 -R. Burgermeister
The HMS2000 will be privy to any developments in this transfer, and will be posting MP3s of the final product when Dr. DuFwinque completes the transfer & re-mastering. Stay tuned!-  R.Karoakan/HMS2000

by Rhineholt Pierpont Burgermeister III, esq.  
 The Hot Mont Society 2000 has unearthed even more product released by the ill-fated company 'HoMoCo', a company that Hot Mont's financial advisors started .
(This all appears to have taken place in the early 1980's- editor).

Rhineholt P. Burgermeister III
 is a "regular" columnist for the "Groovy Scene Magazine"
Some of the already chronicled products released in South America were the notorious 'Combat Teaset', which had small gunpowder charges built into the handle & injured many people, along with the 'Bad Mood Neck Rings'…plastic 'mini-hula-hoops' that had no more ability to assess someone's mood than to bring about world peace. Not to mention  'The Hot Mont Cafe' chain.

The latest crop of HoMoCo products unearthed comes from Deutschland.  These were discovered while HMS2000 investigators were digging up info on the alleged techno album called “Perpetual Intro” that Mont & several

 Not only did they verify the album's existence (at least in unreleased form), but also stumbled onto a sort of “mini-cult” built around another horrible HoMoCo product line that was originally intended to be marketed to Americans who planned to travel in Europe.

This line of products was old stock bought up by Homoco from a company called Shattco, headed up by eccentric Naples, Florida entreprenuer William Shatt.

The product line was originally sold at Shatt's fledgling novelty store chain in Florida, (some long-time Floridians may remember the stores' slogan & radio jingle: "Shattco: "Only Things People Want".

These products dealt with the disposal of the rather “socially unacceptable” by-product: bodily waste. Using their chronic lack of worldly wisdom, the “powers-that-be” at Shattco decided that most European countries were still living on the dark ages where second floor

 balconies on narrow streets served as dump offs for chamber pots (often on passerby's heads). In other words, Shattco , and later, HoMoCo decided that they didn't have plumbing in Europe yet!

So, to service this misperceived need, they invented and marketed a line of products which would allow you to “relieve yourself” pretty much anywhere, anytime.This line was collectively called 'The Shatt Pack'. And consisted of  The Shatt Mat', 'The Shitt Mitt' and 'The Shatt- Back- Pack'. A later released addition to the product line was called 'Snout-Grout'., as well as development on another even more ridiculous product called 'Some Sort of Butt Putty'. The actual purpose of this  product is unknown
The Germans found this whole product line so amusing that several alternative papers there ran hilarious hoax ads. In next month's article we'll print some of these hoax ads (complete with  the original German to English translations, which only add to the humor!).    for more Shattco, click here

-Rhineholt Pierpont Burgermeister III, esq.

 It's official! "The Bones of Contention" are back. After years of obscurity, this four piece trombone section (of 1970's Hot Mont touring acclaim) is claiming their rightful place as the bone's boniest, the bonist's best!

This venerable ensemble has been getting beaucoup work in South Florida studios...especially those that cater to the more mature set. Rumor has it that work is so brisk that leader Martin O'Bonian has actually gotten a new pager!
Not only are the B.O.C. boys adding their blast-o-magic to many artist's cds (including B.B. Dogg); they are now beginning a series of theme- based cds featuring, of course, the trombone.

The first of these, which is currently in production is titled "Blow It Out Yo' Butt" and showcases all rap & hip-hop songs. This concept album is destined to put the trombone back in mainstream pop. "The Bones" have enthusiastic major label backing and consequently, the record will feature several heavy weights including rappers Tone Def, Ice Cold Chill, and even d.j. Rupert Snap Dogg.

Although the current studio location is strictly hush-hush, there are a couple of pirated moments from sessions that will be available soon. Locating the studio shouldn't be too hard. As always, wherever the 'Bones play their music, many dogs are howling outside the doors!  2-26-05

Hot Mont has gone Nashville! Recently unearthed by the HMS2000 are some country demos produced by the "Hot One" in Music City.

Back in the late 1990s, Hot Mont, along with countless other musicians, songwriters & producers had become very discouraged with the hip-hop community's relentless and blatent sampling of music from other genres. Hot Mont decided to pull a flip -flop on the hip-hop community.



The idea was to exact revenge on the hip-hop community's unchecked sampling by taking some of rap's biggest selling songs & turning them into traditional country arrangements.
Mont, when asked why he would put so much effort into such a project, stated "As a tribute to all of the writers and artists who have been sampled and not credited, I'd like to demonstrate to the hip-hop world a little bit of the disrespect that they've shown toward all legit forms of music...and in the course of doing so, create an interesting album of traditional country for an upcoming artist. Of course, all of the legitimate publishing & licensing laws will be followed".
While visiting his old band mate Slim Boggins at his floss ranch in Montana in late 1997, Mont discovered an up-and -coming country singer by the name of Clay Bacons. Said Hot Mont in an interview, "This guy has the sound of real, traditional country and the modern look that sells records today...his voice combined with my ingenious idea of 'reverse-hop'.. ..or 'hop-hip' is the ticket". Hot Mont has become a music industry "Robin Hood" , as you will hear below.
Listen now to a couple of clips from the Clay Bacons album in MP3 format:

Whoomp There it is, Whoomp There It Goes: stream download
Cain't Touch This: stream download


Dr. DuFwinque, the alleged "world-renowned audio restoration expert" working on the Hot Mont music restoration project has been exposed as...a quack!

(picture to left  shows a seemingly angry Anhav DuFwinque in front of the tool shed he now calls home)

Harry P. Peters (a.k.a. Dr. Anhav DuFwinque) was recently arrested and booked by the metropolitan Wattsburg, Pa police for alleged panhandling, petty theft , impersonating a celebrity, and attempting to sell marijuana to a minor. These charges were eventually dropped when another similar looking man (Neil Knadsaak) came forward to admit his guilt in all of the crimes except the impersonation charge.
But, as the booking & investigation were taking place, a lot of other lies were exposed. The arrested man's name is actually Harry P. Peters, and he holds no doctorate degree of any kind. The man we've all admired for his diligence in restoring Hot Mont audio works is now in a state of destitution, virtually living in a tool shed behind a Lowville,Pa department store.
Many of us wondered what had happened to the long-promised recordings. Apparently, the Everhard Pencil Company near Latrobe, Pa shut it's doors in late 2002, leaving Peters with no work, no home & no place to run his "audio restoration lab". He bounced around western Pennsylvania for the next year or so, performing a bang-up Elvis impersonation at karaoke bars & finally landing a shelf-stocking job at the new Shattco Superstore not far outside of Erie, Pa.

(picture to left shows DuFwinque impersonating Elvis at the local Patty O'Malligan's Irish Pizza Bar in Colt Station. This is one of his techniques for raising donations through tips)

Peters has been soliciting donations through religious & other organizations, and panhandling to try to keep his restoration dream alive, but has had very little luck so far. Recently, the venerable HMS2000 Society (a non-profit group that works to preserve the works of Hot Mont and other now-obscure artists) was able to raise enough money to retrieve some of the electronic gear through a modest payment to the ex-owner of the Everhard Pencil Company.
This gear was recently set up in Peters' tool shed behind Shattco, in the hopes that he will be able to continue his work now that the warm weather is upon us. As a long-time follower, fan & chronicler of Hot Mont, my vote is that we give Peters a chance to redeem himself. This music needs to be restored regardless of the personal issues that Peters may be dealing with. Most of us would probably even be willing to refer to him once again as Dr. DuFwinque. (sort of a honorary degree much as celebrities are sometimes given). This may encourage this downtrodden person to lift himself back up and get to work again on the restoration! As a somewhat quirky but basically honest individual, DuFwinque would most surely be more resilient if he believes that we still believe.

Bill Del Rumple 7-9-04

(just a footnote: one of DuFwinque's recent Elvis tribute performances was attended by none other than Wyan Lantz, the producer of most of Hot Mont's biggest selling records.)


 Hot Mont sighted at the finals of the Chautauqua Idol Contest in Bemis Point, NY:
Insiders have been reporting for some time that Mont has relocated to the 'old stomping grounds' of his youth just outside Erie, Pa. This report from the Phillipsville Zagette (regarding a sighting only a few miles from the prestigious new HMS 2000 World Headquarters) would seem to re-affirm that.
"On the evening of August 21, 2006 in Bemis Point, NY at the finalist’s event of the Chautauqua Idol Contest sponsored by WWSE Radio in Jamestown, NY, Hot was recognized despite his usual precautions. One of the local potato salad vendors who is an avid supporter of The Hot Mont Society and fan of The Hot One, has heard  rumblings that Mont could attempt to attend this prestigious local talent program. With camera in hand, the crowd was searched quietly so as not to tip his hand but, unfortunately Hot was not located. As the program was ending and the crowds were dispersing, Mont was sighted walking away from the crowd reportedly holding his stomach."

Mont Is Again On The Prowl For New Talent!

The sighting rumors are starting to fire up again, just as they did in the original Revival Craze of 2000-2001

 For a perspective on possible reasons for Hot's return to the home fires, we turn to musicologist Pete River's recent book "Bowin' Up on Rock 'n Roll Myths":

"Bohemian artist & commentator Hot Moth (sic) was very discouraged by the lukewarm response to his production of "reverse-hip-hop" artist Clay Bacon back in 1999. His whereabouts since than have been as sketchily reported as ever.

It is known that Hot left guitarist Slim Boggin's floss ranch in Montana shortly after the first Bacon single stalled (a country remake of Tag Team's rap hit  "Whoomp-There it Is")  near the bottom of both the country & pop charts.>>>     It was soon after that time that sightings began to pop up in rural parts of western NY state." (note the unusual name for the djs: The Goon Squad!)                                


Read now several comments from prominent citizens attending the gala American Idol event at Bemis Point:

"I'd know those wing-tips anywhere...that's definitely Monti !" -Nigel Tuffnelle, Shoe Salesman at Kinney's Shoes & part-time rock star

"That boy can run, but he can't hide forever" -Ralph Fece, retired correctional officer from East Clintwood, Oh.

His amazing appetite for potato salad gave him away, even with the excellent disguise. He almost ate the entire supply  -D. Biggs,   "World  of Potato Salad" vendor at the event.

"I did, I did, I did  see a Monti-Hot" -chanted by several children

I haven't heard from The Hot One since we pulled his "Whoomp" record from regular rotation back in 1999 for legal reasons. If he's really at this event, I'd like to apologize in person  -Bill Baulgruber, program director for WURST, (The WURST FM), and a longtime supporter of Hot's music

Whoever the hell he was, you could hardly get that fellow away from the Warsteiner tent. Except every few minutes, he'd  leave to wolf down more potato salad next door . I wouldn't doubt he's got some god awful gas by now   -Sid Viscous , local dairy farmer

(courtesy of WSUXX RADIO):
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