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Your e-mail comments about the  patriot-rocker "Man of Mystery" Hot Mont!
I'm Hot Mont's long lost cousin ,Luke W. Mont! We were close when younger but I haven't seen him in 20 years.Thanks for creating this forum for our memories  & yes , I do know where Mont is & what he's doing with his life. I have talked on phone to him this year but he & I  agreed not to speak out right now. sorry! Only  can say that it does have to do with "wing tips , a three piece suit & potato salad"
-Luke Mont
Dear Crackers,
I spoke with the Hot one just recently and he advised me that he is holding a top position with the federal gub'mint, of course, the gub'mint don't know that he be who he be. I think he's gathering material for an expose' but Mont wouldn't commit usual. ...

I have copies of "Fuel on the Hill" and "Mont Goes Mellow" on 12" vinyl what' are they worth? (a little scratchy but covers ok) Also have the poster  in ok shape
 A Fan in Mentor,Oh
 I have never even heard of Hot Mont. I've lived in Cleveland Oh. my whole life & I remember many bands from the seventies but not Hot Mont.
Where in Ohio did he play? What years?
Hot Mont editor note:
 Hot Mont rarely  performed as "Hot Mont" in the Ohio & Michigan  area..the band's live name  was "Argus" for a while , then
changed to"Big Ball o' Rock"... maybe you remember those bands?
  I remember seeing Hot Mont in Omaha in the mid 70's -never had any of his records, but I'd love to get his greatest hits cd
-Bob from Omaha
Rumor has it that Hot Mont is coming out of retirement from living with a group of pseudo -survivilists(most of them didn't survive) the album will be called: MONT-e-Zumas Revenge!!!!!  features songs "I'm explodin, wheres the Imodin", "One Mo' Night in the Shithouse", "Hermann Hesse, Hes the Bestta", and more. Will keep you posted.  
Location:   you don't want to know
  I'm sick of these imposters...I'd be willing to meet with the "Hot Mont Society 2000" (whatever that is) when the conditions are I must go..I hear voices in the hall..will contact you again
-The Real Hot Mont
Homepage:   siteless
Location:   The Greater Erie Area
Comments:   Hey..Hey..Hey..Hey....Well..Well..nice site...Let's hope Doc's forgotten more than he remembers...but I do wonder what ever happened to that "Illustrious" not kick a sleepin' dog
  Location:   Just around the corner from John's mom
Comments:   Dear Frenchy,
  As you know I am quite familiar with the Hot Mont saga and I am a personal friend of his. I am flabbergasted that you have not seen fit to put in a page for the further misadventures of "Victuals", "Rivethead", "Charge Band" or the ever mysterious and always entertaining.."Illustrious".
Perhaps a combined effort for all? Aquainted with you since our youth in the Choc Shop, I know that these tales with enthrall your world wide audience. Keep droppin' them bombs..
-Doctor Chas. P. Rothchile
Speaking about Mont, he has
released a introspective collection of politically charged classical based
music dealing with the themes of Thomas Jefferson titled "Monties-Cello"
some cuts are " I wrote the Constitution during my morning Constitutional",
"I shot the Heretic", inspired by his Jamaican Mistress, "Very,Very, Very,
Superstitious", written while visiting Salem, Mass, and "Swing Low, Sweet
Charlotte" about his promiscuous slave, Charlotte the harlot.
 Hot Mont sounds like an interesting person. I would like to see him run for public office, he'd really clean up this country!
-T.R. Head
 Was down around the back area of Fredrick County, Maryland this past July. While there heard tales of some guy a few years back that was running some kinda training facility. He went by the name of H. P. Mont. According to the natives, this guy was running some type of paramilitary religious monk school, preparing for the war that he claimed was coming in this country. He claimed killing the wicked and saving the good was his calling from higher up and teaching others how to do this was to be his way of helping save this great country. Wonder if it was your guy?
(Anybody know anything about this? -sounds a little out of character for the Mont we remember..McLane)
 Yes...There is a fellow with a commune here in Montana not far from the West Yellowstone entrance to the park .He's known locally as an eccentric philosopher type & goes by name H.P. Mont.
-from Montana
One of the main influences on my guitar style starting out was was H.M.'s first guitarist Slim Boggins. I loved that mellow fuzz tone.

Email: ditches
Comments: Hey - what about Illustrious P. Mangler anyway ?? I say kick the sleeping dog - is it possible that he would have some Hot Mont posters or photos from the early years ??? FIND THE ILLUSTRIOUS ONE !!!
-T. Kwee'nye
The last I saw of him, he was wolfing down a platter o'pizza at Patty O'Malligan's Irish Pizzeria in Colt Station between handfulls of raisins from the never-empty "bucket o'raisins". Rumor has it that cabbage and radishes are his favorite toppings. When not lopping huge helpings of the disgusting stuff in a fit of rage over his lapsing musical career, it's been said he can be found down at Stack's getting drunk out of his gourd and screaming as to the whereabouts of his old friends. Go figure!
-Dave B.
 I saw the man himself, Mont a few years ago in the Erie area! He was talking with another rather mysterious man I heard him call Monty. There was a rumour that he was a younger brother of Mont.
I tried to non-chanlantly eavesdrop on the conversation and I over heard the man called Monty mention a long lost 16 track called "Mont the Hoopla" which he going to sell in Venezuela for some big dough!
I once saw Mont perform in a barn in Sherman, N.Y. with a really bad band called J.B.Red.He was simply fabulous and I know it was him that I saw. I wish I'd a had enough sense to run home and get a scratched copy of "Fuel on the Hill' for him to autograph, but alas.
-Hoss`en Pheffer
Lived with Mont in "The Gulley" back in the summer of 73.
I was just there to bum smokes, but Mont and Muggles Mootas
were on the lam cuz of a botched clean-up job they did at Jiffy
(a real mess!!). It was a heady time (i.e., " there was music
in the cafes at night and revolution in the air!!!"). It was
then that Mont penned the first draft of what would later become
the foundation of his manifesto - "Wolf Wagon Escape From Bull's Dam".
It was pure cosmic-stream shit man, right from the heart of Mechanic
Street, but we all thought it was real genius. Wrote his "Mud-Rock
Chronicles" out there that summer too. Some may remember, "Eat Me I'm
a Cookie", or "Ry-chick Up You House". That's the year J.P. Bar-key
turned informer. Mont fled to the Robinson Street Haven for awhile, but
they couldn't hold him (it was not a home for wayward drunks ya know!)
Hey man, gotta smoke I can leech???
-Asylum ChoirBoy
ad a run in with a fellow calling himself "Illustrious" who fits your description not too long ago. His vintage Camaro was broken down on PCH just south of Ventura. Wearing a fake leather jacket . I stopped I'm a 18 wheeler driver to give him some help & he ended up practically ripping my head off.
Started out civil, then he turned mean, reminded me of Joe Pesci. He said that he used to be involved in the music industry in the seventies, but hey, who isn't in SoCal. Is this the man?
Bring on the Tamontley sauce! I like it spicy!
You guys are pulling my leg , right?
Name: Doc

 Comments: To Unknown 18 Wheeler,
 The guy you picked up was definitely Illustrious. The key clue was the
fake leather coat. He used to buy'em by the car load, it was one of his
trademarks and they were actually made of genuine naugahyde.
 The man had a nasally voice and was always heard to be sayin' "Bite my
ass!" and also "I ain't got the money split up yet, so piss off!"
 There is no doubt that Illus is in California, I just spoke with PEG
last week, if you know Illus, you'll know who PEG is, anyway she states for
the record that that's where he is and also his one and only son Matt has
joined him since escaping from Pennsylvania.
 PEG wouldn't tell me where he is exactly, no doubt because he still
owes us guys in Victuals our last split from the Sherman Public Hall, she's
still loyal to him and this is all for another time and story.
 And, speaking of Hot Mont, and who doesn't? I haven't seen Mont in a
while though I did see one of his closest associates, "Queenie" King (Rheem
combo organist for Victuals) at our gig on Saturday the 3rd of Feb at the
Galley (formerly the world renowned "Stack's). "Queenie" and I had a nice
long talk about the old days and Mont naturally came up in the conversation.
"Queenie" remains in close contact with the Hot One and advised me that he
is alive and well and actually wants to golf with the guys again even after
the surgical replacement of his knees. Also heard an interesting rumor that
Mont has the homestead up for sale...boy, if those walls could talk!
 Take care and when I hear more, I'll keep ya posted.
 Love, Doc
Name: Woof      Comments: You're too funny
I think Ilustrous lives in my apartment complex he's a little man with a big mouth. I like to move out he makes me so mad
Spike T.
Name: Manny Harace:(email withheld)
Comments: this is to the guys that are working to repair the songs from old tapes  I have an good original  copy of a Hot Mont album. what will you pay for it?
Manny in Michigan

Name: MrRee

Comments: I see the Hot Mont revival is full swing with all the boys from back home. What a travesty!!! All those great memories and yet the HOT one refuses to show himself to the world... Well, I always thought he was just a tad over dramatic... and this is probably one of his grand standing approaches... I know he knows everyone is looking for him...What a Freakin' Jerk...if ya see him ask him about the college woods...hogsback...Findley Lake...the Wolf Wagon trip to Jamestown..some really good memories...
Name: Dick
Comments: I know  Illustrous personally  but have not seen him in 20 years. I also would like to know where he is. He owes me 20 bucks.
Name: Tom
Comments: I think I may have experienced that tribute band mentioned in the article called Elvis-Beyond Belief.If it's them, they sucked! Did the singer use a stage name something like"Hotiss Montly" like an Elvis Presley takeoff? And did they play in central West Virginia?
Tom/Beckley, WV
Name: Mad Max
Email: not
Comments: HotMont.Hot Mont...Hot Mont ...what about Talus?
Name: Bob Mosier
Comments: Awrite you girls - When any o youse guys find that HotMont character, call me. He still owes me two bars of soap. That's Tee-Dubya-Oh, two bars there Alice. And by the way, tell him he left his teeth in my spit-rack!!!
I ain't no hard-ass-prick either.
Yours friggin truly,
Mr. Mo, Youngstown
P.S. You guys stop showerin in the girls locker room!!!
Name: Dave B
Comments: To hell with MONT! Where's Helen @ Dorothy? I want a shot'n beer with potato salad! Remember the back room with them gals at KUKLINSKI'S Tavern? What a set of hot'n pants! Mont ain't got nuthin' on me and "Frenchy"! He wishes he were there...
Name: Pam Cookinspray
Comments:When HE arrives, (Hot Mont?.ed) the password is:EE-EE-URPHY-OH!!!
Gotta go now, listenin to an old EEP URPLES tape.

Hey, you guys mispelled "DOENATED" on the trashcan you redneck idiots!!!
Name: Wags
Comments: Hot Mont my hairless ass!!!
What ever happened to Roy REE-DON-DELLO and the Hawaiian PineApples?
Now git the hell off my barstool!!!!
Name: Tipper

 Comments: My tip to Hot Mont is that he get his talented butt back on the
road to support that South American uprising he created with his music
Name: R. Michaels

Comments: I  know who sent in that Christmas album farce. What a travesty to mock such a great talent!
Name: Doc

Comments: Regarding Roy Ree Don Dello and the Hawaiian Pineapples...
Alas, even they became passe'.
ThePineapples broke up around 1979 after Roy and his brother Willie(the original Don't gimme no shit twins) had a falling out over the direction their music was taking. Sound phamiliar? Roy, not one to be takin' no shit, has never returned to music and Willie, whom I spoke with at length about a month ago, is still trying to play guitar. Trying to play guitar? Yep, when the band broke up they were in Brazil after being deported from Italy, reputedly on orders from the CIA station chief in Milan and that's a whole other story, the Federales realized that Willie wuz who he wuz and a little import/export matter that had never been properly settled from years before reared it's ugly head. Brazilian authorities held Willie for a period of time and not in the local Hilton. Willie (the other half of the original don't gimme no shit twins) didn't take any shit from the the Brazilians and managed to flee the country and is the subject of bitter extradition proceedings to this day.
Name: Bill P.
Comments: We're catching on to this Hot Mont thing but I'm not sure of that e-e-erphy-oh thing. Could it be part of the Bible Code?
"Okay, kids, here's the scoop!! Mont's original lineup appeared Thursday night at a small eskimo bar near Moosejaw, that's in Canada by the way. Pictures from this & other shows have been smuggled out of the Great White North & will appear on webpages within a short trime. Mont has stated in interviews that he is doing an "Arctic Circle Tour" this summer. The reason for all of this is that nobody knows who the hell he really is up here, & if all goes well...he may bring the band south. I'll tell ya boys & girls, these guys can still rock the casbah, er, igloo that is! Stay tuned for more" -C.P.
Yoo-goff-'mek-hot'-78 (I saw "Hot Monti" in 78)
By Rabbi Ruben Glessteanosh
It was a warm summer day in 78 as I was fishing for some kosher Yellow
Pike up yonder in the North Bay of Canada when a puddle-jumping plane landed
by my boat. Some lad stepped out of the plane onto the floatation and asked
me how the fishing was. Before I could answer a lady stepped out of the plane and said, "My name is Icecat Sally and me and the Mont have been trying to get some "gigs" up here in the Arctic Circle." She seemed quite gregarious,but he just kind of smiled.
Me being a Rabbi and all, I said, "Hey! Shalom! I got a whole fishing tackle box full of "jigs" if you are after Yellow Pike like I am." They started laughing, jumped back in the plane and flew off. They said they were heading south to Florida.
When I returned to shore and told some fellow fishermen about the event
they explained the difference between a gig and a jig. I was so embarrassed
and always wondered how those kids made out. I was glad to hear Hot Monti
finally got a tour at the Arctic circle. Go Hot Monti! Do you think Icecat Sally is still with him?   
Shalom!     (editor's note: could "Icecat Sally" be another name for Analie?)
Comments: Hi I might be the only person in Alaska that kind of knows of Hot Monti.I grew up in the western NY state. Is his band willing to come to Fairbanks?   We can throw a wild party here!

Rob /Fairbanks,Ak.
I remember when illus used to come into the clubs in Atlanta with Hot Mont
and all the "groupies" would just drool over him. I remember one of the
girls asked if she could have a lock of his hair... and I don't mean on his
love, Suzie "Cream-Cheese"
Name: Patty O'Malligan
Comments: I'm thinking of re-opening an entire chain of Patty O'Malligan's Irish Pizza restaurants since the only place to get decent Irish pizza now is at Irish Cousins in Erie. I'd like Hot Mont as my spokesperson.We played the heck out of his records at O'Malligans, he owes me one.
Name: hot mont
Comments: I am the one and only "hot mont".I am just a regular "rock and roll idol".I am often short on postage when I go to the pack and ship, just like normal
people, who are chased by DICK BIGGS.
I'm very flattered by all these people who wonder where I am currently
living. will give no other clue of my location.
So who the hell is this "pappy" guy.....if that beard was anymore fake, a
bird would fly out of it. Of course, watching him eat ice cream might be
quite entertaining....only vanilla.
thanks for the memories, poop-deck
Name: Arizona source
Comments: A undisclosed source reported seeing the former roadie of "Victory
at Sea", Triangle Head! He was seen in the Phoenix Arizona recently. As
far as I know no one has heard or seen him since touring with Victory at Sea
in the 70's. In itself this may not be big news, just good to hear
Triangle Head is alive and well. He was one fine roadie I hear. But the
plot may thicken! Another source swears that he spotted Hot Mont and
Triangle head 2 years ago in Tucson, Az at a comedy club. The source went on
to say the following morning Hot Mont and Triangle Head were seen having
breakfast at the Tucson Hilton in the company of 2 babes. What's the
connection if any? Your guess is as good as mine. Signed, Arizona source
Name: B. Balgruber
Comments: Have reason to believe that the whereabouts of Mont can be
attained by using a method of mathematically skipping large blocks of letters in his book. Mont brilliantly encoded this into his book. For a description & transcription of my technique,send s.a.s.e. to:
Bill Balgruber
34659 Frindly Rd  (city & zip withheld by website editor-contact us for info on this guy!)
Name: Milton Buckhorn
Comments: The latest rumor on the Arctic Circle Tour is that it wasn't Hot
Mont, but a nefarious imposter called B.B.Dog who could pass himself off as
Hot Mont since no one has seen Hot in twenty some years. More to come on
this later.
Name: Chess Lee
Comments: Ya there's the time we was drinkin heavy up there in da woods off
Middle Road wit Ol Mont and his woman. Damn I swear that Tango bottle came
flyin back at us from da trees. Scared us all to hell n back. Friggin Mont
wouldn''t let us back in dat damn truck though!!! Hey, did I ever tell ya
bout the time I was in Afghanistan?
Pardon me while I step downstairs for a minute.
Name: An American Son
Email: need to know basis only
Comments: In light of the tragic actions of 9-11, there is an eminent need for the re-release of Mont Rushmore to bolster the fine citizens of this country to stand up and be counted as supporter of retaliatory actions against these miscreants that have violated our land.
This would not be a for profit venture, as Mont always portrayed war, but a pure calculated act of vengence for those that died as a result of a violation we, as a people, should not and will not ever forget. Let our flag fly high, let's rekindle our long lost patriotism. Hot Mont's Mont Rushmore could help instill these lost emotions that Generation Next has never felt or had to feel, a lesson from a super patriot.
Where is our super-patriot now that all this terrorism is going on?
Name: the real hot mont

Comments: I am e-mailing you from inside Kabul. I came here to put a tomahawk
missle up Bin Laden's ass personally!!! I know that people are wondering
what I am up to these days. Now you know!!!
Name: Koehler
Comments: Caught the Hot Mont show in Sitka,Ak. last night. The band was
tight as ever. These old timers rock.Too bad the crowd was so distracted by
the go-go dancers
Name: Saladhead

Comments: I will be sending an attached photo circa 1970s of Colt Station, Pa. There never was a pizza place there. There isn't anything there but a gas station and cows.
click photo to enlarge
Name: Bill M.

I've heard that a book is being written that is about Mont's life, or at least it features him prominently. Anyone else heard this?
Name: H.P. Mont
Comments: I appreciate the attempt to revive the old days... But I find it extremely irksome that some people think my life and my thoughts are nothing but fodder for rank humor... I remember O'Malligan's with a fondness only meant for the dear friends that they were... Don't tell me they never existed... and as for my music, I put it where I wanted it... away from you non-believers who couldn''t commit to a cause if it attached itself to your ass... and I don't have to put the "Real Hot Mont" at the end of this to prove my point... so bugger-off you assholes... leave me alone!!
Name: LaTrobe Lab-rat

Comments: From the Labs in LaTrobe: We're working double shifts here! We are determined to get that Mount Rushmore album released by January 2002!
Name: Old Frenchy
Email: Somewhere on Potter
Comments: Yeah, I'm pissed too!!! No more rides in the Shit-mobile for any of you dorks!!! Hey, who took my gas pedal??
 (By God, I'll never hear the end of this!- signed "The Really Old Frenchy")
Name: me.
Email: left field
Comments: Hey, I have that album of Hot Mont's too.except I transferred it to eight track.Now right in the middle of that hit "Schwantz and 3/4" it switches from program one to program three.what the hell happened to two? Bummer!
( Ahh..the mysterious "unplayable track" emerges again ..ed.)
Name :
Comments: Put in my order now for the Mont Rushmore cd! I love America and Hot Mont!

Name: bucket
Comments: There must be potato shards in my ears cuz I can no longer hear the dulcet tones of Hot Mont just clearing the waitress stand at O'Malligans
Name: Bastian
Comments: I spent some time on tour with Monti. I was drummer in a band called Great Lake Memorial we backed up his band on tour
Name: Dill Doze-Lee
Email: Pumpin
Comments: Well I doooo believe that I hold the only live-recorded
copy of Mont's true Master PIECE: "How's Your Dang-er":
Come on now, everybody, "WELL, how's your Dang-er Buddy?
"I lost it in the war..."
That'll beee one dollar pleeese...
Name:The Voice of Warren, Pa.
Rumor has it that Luke Mont, who is Hot Mont's half-brother has started writing a column for a conservative magazine. Glad to hear that he's upholding the family tradition.
Name: Darrin U. Taguess
Comments: I can feel how enthusiastic your followers eager they are to get anything revived from the Hot Mont collection... but do they think everyone is psychic? Don't they know they have to leave a name and an email address in order to be contacted when the music is ready for release?
(Excellent point! Thanks Darrin! Anyone who's interested in being contacted when this upcoming album is released, please submit your e-mail address to this site & if you feel inclined, send a pithy comment with it! ..ed)
Comments: What did the robot say to Will as he climbed from the shower?
Dang-er...Will Robinson, Dang-er!!!!
 (proper pronunciation: "dang-err".-ed)
Name: Ralph
Comments: I've been out of the U.S. for several years in Venezuela. I'm going to check on this alleged Hotamont character with my friends in S.America.Will let you know what they say. I got this website link from a mutual acquaintance. Guess who?
 (see if your friends can get me an official "El Monte Clarinet" t-shirt?-ed)
Der Künstler, der Hot Mont genannt wurde, war gesehenes Durchführen in den nightspots in Frankfort durch mich 1977. Dank für das Erinnern an jene Tage. Fritz
Translation: The artist, who was called Hot Mont, was seen accomplishing in nightspots in Frankfort away by me 1977. Owing to you for reminding of those days. Fritz (Thanks to Alta Vista for translation.ed)

Hey, true fans of Hot Mont! Watch out for that bogus freebee hms2000 website on geo cities. There is an attached virus that will mess with your computer if you accidentally allow it to execute.
In fact, I stay clear of all freebee, banner supported websites anyway! Bob Dobly
(I have checked for this problem on the abovementioned site, and cannot find anything wrong with it -by the way, that site has no connection  with this website excepting that they lifted several pix & pages of text from here years ago with my permission!-ed)
Where is the love? Who loves our man Hot Mont? By the way, where the hell are all of the new music files we're supposed to be hearing. You promised!!@!!  (We're still waiting on that slow-moving perfectionist Dr DuFwinque for those new song restorations-ed)
Still waiting for my advance copy of the final masterpiece: The true story of  GritBungGrot
Dr. DuFwinque here. We haven't given up on this restoration project yet. The fact is we just ran out of money about a year ago. People just aren't donating like they were back in the heyday. Then, to make matters worse, the Everhard Pencil Factory closed down (our lab location)! Damn the luck!

Fortunately, the HMS2000 Society has coughed up a few bucks to get us working again at a makeshift lab/tool shed out in back of the Lowville Shattco. The electric should be in as soon as assistant Mikey rounds up a couple hundred feet of  extension cord. The new Hot Mont demos will be on the website for your listening pleasure by August . If you want to donate, drop by  Shattco and pull around back by the dumpsters. Cash,  non-perishable food  accepted. (posted 7-7-04)

I think it might be time for Hot Mont to launch a world wide search for the missing Teisco......I mean, it is one of the bedrocks of rock history.......more precious than lost Barkles tapes, could be the Holy Grail of Rock!
If it's not in a land fill somewhere.
(posted 10-26-05)  (The HMS 2000 has been alerted by 'The Secret Mont-i-fone' and has agreed to act on this as soon as they get back from French Creek Tavern- ed.)   12-8-05: The Teisco Quest has begun! check it out here  -ed)

If only Hotmont had not vanished….his genre-busting rap/reggae infusion disc “HotMonteNegro” would surely have been food for the disenfranchised white man’s soul!  -Lynn  (7-12-06)

The HMS 2000 Research Center has acquired a new building in more hangin' out in the furnace room of Cutting Lanes Bowling!  -Unknown Follower  (posted 7-1-06)
Now that there are over a brazillion orders for the new album, when are you gonna deliver? -Ty Redd of Waiting, Oh (posted 10-9-06)
Hangin 10 on Bch 11 was not sung by Hot Mont. That voice was definitely local legend " Puncarchie" from the Pistolwhip band (posted 12-9-08)

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