10-22-01 Bill Del Rumple

Informed people are all asking the same question: Where and why  is Hot Mont hiding out during this war on terrorism? Many of us are wondering why he wouldn't finally show himself in this time of ultimate crisis.

Hot was truly one of our super-patriots, but at this point, we must face the unpleasant possibility that he may not still be with us. We can only hope that he's right in the thick of things in Afganistan, riding a red, white & blue cruise missile right into bin Laden's bedroom.  Barring this glorious (though mostly unsubstantiated possibility), maybe he's left us some written words of wisdom regarding bin Laden & company.

Legends of the Heartland researchers have studied Mont's three published books as well as the numerous "papers" he authored on various political issues. This crack research team has even gone so far as to obtain transcriptions of most of Hot Mont's televised speeches including the infamous "wolf wagon speech" on WHYP-TV in 1976.

In Chapter 4 of "To the Moon, Aliens", Hot Mont first mentions the possibility of "Trade-Tower-like" incidents. He writes (in 1977) regarding Middle East unrest and terrorist infiltration into America:


   "...If we don't settle this within the decade, the next generation of Americans will surely face kamikaze-style attacks in our cities & military installations, and possible mass-distribution napalm-like chemical & germ warfare releases. By the mid-eighties, the writing will already be on the wall; the tools of terror will be too entrenched right in our midst for us to stop it. These people will display a level of fanaticism & hatred for us never before seen in America's homeland.  

    The only response that will work on these zealots will have to be "fighting fire with fire". These people will gladly die to wipe us off the face of the earth, it is their sole mission..."  

A relevant excerpt from a speech given during a political rally in 1976:

   "The cultural divide between Middle East & West is too wide to ever be bridged. Let's face it folks, as you travel the world as I have, you'll find that most cultures truly don't like any other culture . The absurdity of one world government was already addressed in "One World Disorder": we all don't really like each other that much! So why would any of us want to live under one set of laws? Truly unthinkable!"

      Knowing that many fundamentalist Muslims have an ingrained disrespect & loathing for America, all you have to add to the mix is a fanatical & dogmatic leader.  He will spout something to the effect of: "Allah says that we are the only people who are righteous, therefore we must therefore destroy the decadent West" ; and there you have the ingredients for assured future attacks on the U.S. (and probably our European allies)....."

A quote from "The Mudrock Chronicles" speech Mont gave to a somewhat skeptical college crowd in 1976; I'd like to see that same crowd now:

" I feel compelled to inform you that the Soviet Union will hardly be a primary focus in the coming years. Their power will slip away, as the disenfranchised citizenry & the inevitable financial failure of Communism is laid bare before the world. Russia will essentially become "bankrupt.             The real future threat is rogue "mini-nations" who will use unconventional terror tactics to attack not only the West, but Mother Russia herself.

    This uprising of hate will surely start from an extreme, religiously-charged bunch of Middle East folks. Expect not to sleep easily at night once this "hit-you-where-you-live" style of conflict gets rolling. The only way to win this one is to be relentless; we must ferret out these dark-age throwbacks one by one. They are already in our midst laying in wait.

    As I've mentioned in other speeches & writings, I think that it's imperative that we toughen up our borders, our standards for attaining American citizenship, and make it much tougher to stay in this country if you're here illegally. The vermin have already made inroads into our great nation. We must act judiciously to stem the flow."

There are many more prophetic statements yet to be uncovered. A colleague Malcolm Drie  is currently analyzing several other writings.   Hot Mont was definitely aware of the brewing situation. His suggestions of response to the attacks seem to mirror what the prevailing attitude of America is right now. I only hope we can keep our resolve as strong as Mont's!