by Bill Del Rumple
Is this a picture of four prospecters from the north of Canada? Look more closely & you will recognize the original Hot Mont band member line-up from the seventies! But what are these guys doing in Whitehorse,Yukon? Read on to find out.

After receiving this e-mail report from one of our magazine's contributers C.P. Roth,esq. who is vacationing in the Yukon, I decided to investigate:
"Okay, kids, here's the scoop!!  Mont's original lineup appeared Thursday night at a small eskimo bar near Moosejaw, that's in Canada by the way. Pictures from this & other shows have been smuggled out of the Great White North & will appear on webpages within a short trime. Mont has stated in interviews that he is doing an "Arctic Circle Tour" this summer. The reason for all of this is that nobody knows who the hell he really is up here, & if all goes well...he may bring the band south. I'll tell ya boys & girls, these guys can still rock the casbah, er, igloo that is! Stay tuned for more" -C.P.

Astounding as it may seem, the original band line-up (minus the horn section) is actually touring in of all places..... Northern Canada! A tourist entertainment paper in Whitehorse, Yukon featured an extended interview with Mont last week. Here are excerpts:

Compare the original rock-carving photo from "Mont Rushmore" to the above shot recently taken in a North Canada pub!!!!

YR: What brings you & your band way up here from the U.S?
HM: We figured that no one who remembered us would ever be here!
YR: I know of you from browsing the web. Are you in trouble with the law?
HM: No, not at all..we just wanted a place to get the band "tight" You said that you have never heard of us except on the web, but we had a huge cult following in several countries during the seventies.There has been an upswelling of interest in the band recently, so we figured it may be time to put it back together.
Slim Boggins: (guitarist): Let me add to that. Mont has been incognito for over two decades. Even the rest of us guys in the band didn't hear from him. This was the shock of a lifetime.
YR: So, you hadn't seen each other for more than twenty years? What have all of you been doing during that time?
Slim: Well, when Mont vanished in '77, I was pretty strung out on drugs. I'm clean now, by the way, have been for fifteen years. In those days, I loved a song by Frank Zappa called "Montana". It told about a guy leaving the rat race to raise up dental floss. So, that's what I tried. I moved out to Montana, bought some land & started raising dental floss. It didn't work out with the floss, but I still have a small ranch out there near Boseman.
Larry Laugerhead: (keyboardist) I've been working in retail shoe sales & playing music on the side since '77. I even played in a Hot Mont tribute band in Ohio for a while...pretty ironic for a founding member to do a tribute to his own band!

arctic circle tour con't. pg 2
B. C. Whackerman: (drummer): When the band broke up, I had a tough decision: to stay with music or follow my family military/law enforcement traditions. I chose the latter & I've only started playing again this year. I love being back out here on the road again!
H.M.: Local & federal statutes may prohibit me from speaking of my past.(laughs)
YR: What happened to the horn section you all refer to?
H.M. I have never heard from them. You know, the definition of an optimist is a trombone player with a beeper. (laughs). Not a lot of call for four piece trombone sections these days.  
YR: Any plans to record new material? And, on the same note, what's the story on this "greatest hits" collection being remastered from scraps of tape? Some guys in Pennsylvania are doing it?
H.M. As far as recording new stuff, we're not to that point yet. We've gotta decide if we're even gonna continue this touring down south when the cold hits in September. This tour is over in late August, it get's too cold for us ! As far as the guys in LaTrobe remastering my stuff, I have never met them, but let them go for it . Sniff Brown (Sniff Brown Records-Mont's label) is dead now, he's the only one who would try to stop them.

More excerpts from this interview next month.. gotta run
-Bill Del Rumple/7-30-01

By Rabbi Ruben Glessteanosh / 8-3-01

It was a warm summer day in 1978 as I was fishing for some kosher Yellow Pike up yonder in the North Bay of Canada when a puddle-jumping plane landed by my boat. Some lad stepped out of the plane onto the floatation and asked me how the fishing was. Before I could answer a lady stepped out of the plane and said, "My name is Icecat Sally and me and the Mont have been trying to get some "gigs" up here in the Arctic Circle."

She seemed quite gregarious, but he just kind a smiled. Me being a Rabbi and all, I said, "Hey! Shalom! I got a whole fishing tackle box full of "jigs" if you are after Yellow Pike like I am." They started laughing, jumped back in the plane and flew off. They said they were heading south to Florida.

When I returned to shore and told some fellow fishermen about the event they explained the difference between a gig and a jig. I was so embarrassed and always wondered how those kids made out. I was glad to hear Hot Monti finally got a tour at the Arctic circle. Go Hot Monti! Do you think Icecat Sally is still with him?

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