Tab Wenderson
Hot Mont memorabilia brings big bucks in Venezuela
(printed with permission of Rolling Rock Magazine / 9-15-00 issue)
A recent rash of Hot Mont revivalism in several Latin American nations has been bringing good financial returns to those wise enough to hold on to some of his memorabilia  from a South American concert tour in 1975.

The main thrust of this recent resurgence in Hot Mont 's popularity in Latin America is due to a widely distributed bootleg version of his 1975 salsa / reggae release "Hot Tamontle!" throughout Venezuela,  Colombia & Panama. Although the sound quality of the bootleg is very poor , people are lining up for copies. This, in turn has brought memorabilia collectors out of the woodwork.

T-shirts with the buzz-phrase "El Monte Clarinet" (the obvious translation misprint makes this shirt very rare and very valuable) are bringing upwards of $500.00 in reasonable condition. The more plentiful shirts with the corrected "El Monte Calliente" are also fetching a fair but substantially lower price.
The 10 piece "Hot's Combat  Tea Set" (which was recalled after the small explosive charges in the handles of the cups caused minor injuries to fingers)  is garnering a whopping $2000.00. This ridiculous product is a perfect example of  the bad ideas and marketing that dogged Hot Mont following
his management change away from Illustrious Management in 1976. But , it gets even worse:
The "Hot's Bad Mood Rings"  (which were supposed to give you a mood lift by stimulating nerve endings in the neck) are even more absurd & rare.These useless plastic neck rings (which look like a "Lost in Space"  prop  reject) were inspired by Hot Mont's meta-
physical girlfriend of that time , "Analie" and marketed in certain Latin American countries (as well as Sherman, N.Y.& environs) for a very short time. If you can put your hands on an authentic "Bad Mood Ring"  , it could bring you some serious money.  

Hot Mont & his band disappeared from the public eye soon after recording their never-released and tentatively titled "Explosive Analysis" (sic)album in Macon,  Ga. late in 1977. No one has been able to find the man who created this music that is again creating a worldwide stir, nor has anyone ever actually located the masters to this last known recording effort. (Although several unscrupulous sources have reported otherwise.)

Never really accepted in the United States as a "major act", Hot Mont & crew concentrated on the foreign markets, especially Central & South America & Scandinavia.  Hot Mont was a household word in certain areas of the world , although largely ignored here excepting in certain Midwest "pockets of popularity".

This current Latin American resurgence could conceivably help "Monte Calliente" ride on the the crest of the current Latin music craze in the U.S., and  finally give him the credit he deserves as an innovator unmatched in popular music culture.
-Tab Wenderson

This concerns a product manufactured  by Hot Mont's parent company HoMoCo
Exploding Tea Set Causes Burns , Irritation
A toy  tea cup reportedly self-combusted in Phillipsville ,Pa on Tuesday afternoon during a children's tea party in this rural community in northern Pennsylvania. There were no serious injuries , but the parents of the slightly injured child have vowed to get to the bottom of this heartless prank.

According to police , the children (parents have requested anonymity pending a possible lawsuit) were reportedly playing peacefully when the teacup exploding ,showering the group of kids with sharp shards  of glass , and "making a sound  like an  M-80 firecracker".

Early  investigation shows that this tea set incident may not have been a prank after all. Apparently , there was a very limited release of a "Combat Tea Set" toy  which , although only sold in Latin America ,may be the culprit. This tea set was apparently marketed for a very short time in Venezuela as "Hot's Combat Tea Set", by an obscure American company  known as HoMoCo .

No one from this organization can be located as of this writing. Anyone knowing anything about this "exploding tea set" or about organization known as HoMoCo should inform authorities. If by some odd chance , you have one of these obscure "Hot's Combat Tea Set" , please inform the police. Do not touch the  explosive toy yourself and  keep it out of reach of children & pets.
Don't touch it! Run away!
-reprinted from Bizarre News / 1978
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