REE-DON-DELLO, formerly the leader of the Hawaiian Pineapples Rock Ensemble
 finally emerges from the depths of the South American jungle to grant this interview with Groovy Scene's Tab Wenderson.
Tab Wenderson
Here's the cover from The  Pineapple's first release on Sniff Brown Records entitled "Hono-Luau" How corny can you get!
G.S.: What have you been doing for the last twenty-plus years?
R.R I've been trying to keep my shit together. The failed tours in the seventies really freaked me out.
G.S : Lots of legit rock bands never have the opportunity to do a major tour, yet they don't retreat to the wilds of South America..  Why the extreme reaction to your unpopularity there ?
R.R : Once you've toured with Hot Mont (who is the pinnacle of all legitimate American pop culture to me) you'd understand how anything else seem superfluous and anticlimactic! After our rejection by the Latin audience here in South America, it was more than I could take. All we ever wanted was a little piece of Hoot Mont's audience & respect. We opened for him for  2 years in the states before coming here to do the Tamontle tour. To be rejected by the same people that adored Hot Mont was devastating to us as a band and even worse for me as the leader .
G.S. Keeping that rejection in mind, why would you retreat to the same place that had rejected you?
R.R Well, if you knew anything about the "Don't Give Me No Shit Twins", you wouldn't have to ask. I'm one of those twins and it was no retreat!
G.S. I've heard rumors of this cult or whatever it is, but thought it was just hearsay.
R.R. Nope; we're the real McCoy! My brother & I can no more tolerate critical rejection by an entire continent than we could stand by and let someone pour out a perfectly good can of Pabst Blue Ribbon! Anything important like that is worth fighting for as a principle…you can't  waste great beer & you can't dislike my music, damn it! I had to come here to settle this at the source. It's in my blood not to give in to anyone, to fight till no one is left standing!
G.S: Including you?
R.R. Of course!
Here's a promo shot of the band in 1975 with Ree-Don-Dello wearing his trademark
 " pineapple hat"
G.S.: What was your biggest selling single?
R.R: That would have to be "Steel Jock Strap" from the "Hawaiian Pumice Rock" album. It was a song that played on bar room jukeboxes & helped us sell a few extra "Pumice" albums off the stage.
G.S.: To what do you attribute your dismal response by Latin American audiences ?
R.R : The timing mostly. Pineapple membership became as large as a 27 piece horn & string rock band, doing something that was revolutionary for the U.S. in the early seventies, but maybe it appeared just too strange to Latin American people. The fact that a lot of band members were not musicians may have come into play, as the actual music was a little rough. We've been compared to Captain Beefheart in several articles.
G.S: I'd compare you more to early Aqueous Digit or maybe even Mel Maas Psychedelic Combo…. but with the addition of incredibly bad horns & strings.
R.R. : Don't give me no shit!  
G.S.: Is it possible that The Pineapples didn't survive the Tamontle Tour because they were just too lousy?
R.R.: By god, now I'm startin' to bow up! You better watch yourself. There aren't many people who can outrun us D.G.M.N.S. Twins!
G.S.: I'm festered up to a fever-pitch myself. Step back, we're gonna rumble.
R.R: I'm just about to delve into your ass, don't piss me off any more!

At this point, a major round of fisticuffs erupted, bringing this interview to a halt,  and dashing any hope of any subsequent interviews with this strange character.  Listen to the Hawaiian Pineapples for yourself; I'm sure you'll agree they were the worst band ever to land a major opening act slot in history of rock'n roll. The first Pineapple album is available on vinyl or eight track only from www.rottenrecords.net    

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