Hot Mont Cloud Formations Photographed!

Little did Cameron Moosse know that when she snapped this photo she was also going to record a startling Hot Mont cloud formation on the upper left of the photo (in red box).She states that she would not have noticed or recognized the clearly visible cloud face of Hot Mont had not an older friend pointed out the formation to her. Thanks to Bob Taumant for sending this great shot into the HMS2000!
We at HMS2000 would like to think that this is a sign that patriot Hot Mont is still keeping a close watch on our country's safety. If not that, then at least it's a great looking cloud! No signs of forgery have been found by our sophisticated equipment here in Cutting.  
2-16-02 HMS2000

Witness this slightly less clear but just as compelling
cloud that appears to be a smiling "Ray-Ban" wearing Hot Mont overseeing a dock on Presque Isle Bay on Lake Erie.
We at HMS2000 believe this photo is possibly just a fluke of nature, since it's not nearly as clear as the   other shot. This photo was sent in by an unidentified member of The HMS Society calling himself only "El Clarinet" and by all our investigations, it appears to be authentic.

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