EVEN THE EXISTENCE OF THIS RECORDING IS HOTLY DISPUTED! where did this album cover come from? Read on to uncover yet another "Mont Mystery":
The Lost Christmas Album
Every artist of the seventies who was worth their salt seems to have recorded at least one Christmas  album. So why didn't Hot Mont? It appears that maybe he did!

Try for a moment to picture the times & mindset of the early or mid 1970's: Many returning Vietnam vets who had longed for the homefires, aging hippies retiring from drugs to raise "normal" families, & a general "conservative" swing after the crazyness of the sixties. If you were a recording artist who promoted the traditional values of home & family as Mont did, it would seem only logical that during the Christmas holiday seaon you would want to have a record available to help promote the values that you, where is Hot Mont's Christmas album?

The HMS2000 recently received the "alleged cover" (shown above) from an unnamed source. We are trying to verify it's authenticity.

The apparent premise of this album's existence is based entirely on the short-term teaming up of Hot Mont  and Dr. C. P. Roth, a respected quasi-operatic singer in the midwest. Although it can be verified that the two men did collaborate briefly in the mid-seventies, not one other mention of  a Christmas album has ever been found.

Also, to out knowledge, the team thankfully never publicly performed as "HotDoc" (as the cover would lead us to believe).Therefore, we here at the HMS2000 believe this may be a fake. The photo that we received seems to have been "posterized" & is not very clear. Any help with determining it's authenticity would be appreciated. If it does actually exist, please help us to turn up a copy of the actual lp.

As easy as it is to create fake photos these days, we must suspect any strange items like this that occasionally turn up here at "The Society" offices here in Cutting. How about a actual recording or liner notes from this record?  Any info on the equally mysterious "Mont the Hoopla" recordings (rumored to have been recorded in Latin America during the TaMontLe tour but never released) would also be appreciated!    Report by Regelia Karaokan/HMS2000

If you'd like a larger jpg file of this picture to scrutinize, e-mail e us at: