Below is an excerpt from the H. P. Mont book "War is Good";  originally published in 1976 .  This chapter clearly demonstrates how "prophetic" some of his works would become in view of our societal situation in "The Year 2000" ...

Chapter 11: Prisons & Lawbreakers:

 In order to understand my view about prisons and lawbreakers, first you have to understand my position on the laws. If it really does NOT hurt anyone ,  why should we have a law against it? Why do we need so many laws? I believe in the basic rules of society ,  what's generally called the "Ten Commandments". Those close to me know that I am not into organized religion so don't say "Man, where you coming from?"

We need an established baseline and the Ten Commandments are taught in every religion in one form or another. So it is something everyone has been exposed to in his or her lifetime and the rules are easy to understand. I put the commandments in an order that reflect personal and social relevancy. Eight of the commandments emphasize personal safeguards to help one live acceptably in society. The remaining two commandments cover the most egregious of offenses to society and require severe consequences.

The Fifth Commandment Thou shall not kill. Death is inevitable. It cannot be escaped. We all need to accept the fact that we are going to die but death caused by malicious intent or action is completely unacceptable. Death caused in the commission of another crime is completely unacceptable.

The Seventh Commandment Thou shall not steal. The intent needs to be established in this crime. The level of punishment should be equal to the level of the offense. This covers every form of unlawful taking; for example theft of property, money, confidence, or character,the act of rape, and helping anyone commit these crimes.

I see us on a path of putting way to many people into jails and subsequently jails will become a burden on our society. Because of the amount of people being put into jails for crimes against themselves, a group of people will become concerned about prisoner's rights and the results of this will again increase the cost of imprisoning people.

Because of all the "non-criminals" in prison, I can see these facilities becoming "resort lock-ups" at taxpayer's expense. The only answer to all of this is to only punish crimes against others and to eliminate the present process we use to punish the convicted. We need to step back and look at our justice system. It needs to be brought back into reality.

Only punish people who commit crimes against others. There shouldn't be anything called a "victimless crime"... no victim …no crime.  Society should not be trying to protect people from themselves. That should not the responsibility of our legal system. That should be left to the counselors, clergy, and families.

As for our penal system, I belief the correct way to handle this goes way back in history. I think banishment is the answer, the use of penal colonies. Use the same process that established our state of Georgia and the country of Australia. Locate an isolated area, like an island (because it has natural barriers), and banish the criminals to that location. Supply the necessaries for two years; give the new community time to establish its mean of supplying itself from within. This process will eliminate all convicted criminals as citizens of our great country. None would ever be allowed to return. For anyone caught trying to re-enter our country, the penalty will be death. This will minimize the financial impact on our society and the money wasted by the way we are handling it today could go back to doing something constructive for our economy and our way of life (like financing a conflict somewhere in the world)..........

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